Rigol DG1022Z 2 Channel, 25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator



£309 excl VAT

Instruments 4 Engineers are proud to be Authorised distributors for Rigol in the UK and Ireland.   We are excited to introduce the new Rigol DG1022Z 2 Channel, 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator featuring the latest and improved signal fidelity technology.

The advanced Sifi technology of the Rigol DS1022Z is well suited for engineers whose application requires low noise floor, long arbitrary waveform length, a high level of signal fidelity and low frequency testing.  The Rigol DG1000Z series boasts up to 200MSa/sec Sample rate for detailed resolution and high speed signals.   The Rigol DG1022Z comes standard with 2MPts memory depth but for those who require more  memory an optional 16Mpts can be purchased.  Rigol generators offer excellent performance and value.


Key Features:

SiFi (Signal Fidelity) for 100% waveform replication

2Mpts or 8Mpts/CH(std.), 16Mpts/CH (opt.) arbitrary waveform length

Standard 2 full functional independent channels

±1ppm frequency stability, -125dBc/Hz phase noise, 200ps low jitter

Built-in 8 orders harmonics generator

Built-in 7 digits/s counter up to 200MHz

160 built-in pre-edited waveforms

Intuitive arbitrary waveform editing software

Full modulation supported: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM

Created advanced modulation, inject random noise

1. Q: I need more than 25MHz are  there any other options available?

    A:  We also offer the Rigol DG1032Z (30MHz) and Rigol DG1062Z (60MHz)  with Sifi Technology. Specifications can be found under the documents tab on the Rigol DG1022Z datasheet.   In addition we can offer a wide range of both new and used Arbitrary Waveform Generators.  Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


2.  Q:  What is the difference between SiFi Technology and DDS?

     A:  Probably one of the main attributes of SiFi technolgy is high signal fidelity.  Harmonic distorition specs  are less than half of the traditional DDS generator.   Please read the information sheet titled  " SiFi Technology "  and " Interesting Article on Sifi and Waveform Generators from Rigol" under the documents tab.