Anapico APULN40 100kHz-40GHz Ultra Low Phase Noise Portable Signal Generator




Instruments 4 Engineers are proud to be the Authorized  Anapico UK and Ireland Distributors.

Anapico signal generators offer superior reliability and price vs performance compared to any other signal generator on the market. The combination of unrivalled signal purity, high output power and high speed switching make their units ideal for the most advanced measurements requirements in any engineers lab today. For labs with limited space and short on time the signal generators are a blessing as they are compact and easy to learn/ use with quick measurements.

The Anapico APULN40  is a highly accurate 40GHz Ultra Low Phase Noise Signal Generator which features  fast analog, digital sweeps and flexible list sweeps. In addition, engineers can set dwell times and frequency power individually on the signal generator.

The 40GHz signal generator can be phase locked to external reference and features an ultra stable temperature frequency reference ( OCXO) for insuring minimal drift  Advanced frequency synthesis combnies the fastest switching speeds with ultra low SSB phase noise for detailed frequency and power resolution.

Additional Models and Frequency Ranges in APULN Series:

  • Anapico APULN6 100kHz-6GHz
  • Anapico APULN12 100kHz-12.75GHz
  • Anapico APULN20 100kHz-20GHz
  • Anapico APULN26 100kHz-26GHz
  • See datasheet for specifications of above models

Additonal Features of the Anapico APULN40:

  • Excellent Reliability
  • Outstanding Signal Purity
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Accurate Levelled Output
  • High Spurious Suppression
  • Powerful  and intuitive touch-display control
  • External Battery Available for use In the field
  • Durable Encasing

Additional Options Available:

FS Enhanced switching speed
PE3 Extended power range down to -90 or -120 dBm, mechanical step attenuator
PE4 Extended power range down to -90 dBm, electrical step attenuator module
LN Enhanced close-in phase noise, improved frequency stability
1URM 1U rack-mount case
GPIB GPIB interface
RM 19’’ 3HU rack-mount kit for all portable instruments
IEC Commercial Calibration Certificate from IEC 17025 accredited lab
MOD Analog modulations
WE One year warranty extension (standard: 2 years)
ReCal Recalibration with test data (recommended: 2 year interval)
EBAT Add external battery pack

100 kHz to 40GHz
Resolution: 0.001 Hz.

Power Range  -120 or -90 to +25 dBm (with option PE3)
-90 to +25 dBm (with option PE4)
Switching Speed  200µs (20µs with option FS)
Phase Noise At 1 GHz at 10 Hz: -87 dBc/Hz (-103 dBc/Hz with option LN)
at 1 kHz: -130 dBc/Hz
at 20 kHz-145 dBc/Hz
at 100 kHz: -150 dBc/Hz
Remote Control  Ethernet, USB, GPIB (SCPI v1999)
Modulation  Pulse, AM, FM, PM
Sweeps  List, Frequency, Power
Dimensions (W x L x H), Weight  170 x 316 x 110 mm [6.69 x 12.44 x 4.33 in]
 2.5 kg