Keysight/Agilent 33250A 80MHz Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator



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Whether labelled Keysight, Agilent or HP the 33250A arbitrary waveform generator has been a staple in many labs around the world for years.

 The Keysight 33250A uses direct digital-synthesis techniques to create a reliable and precise output on all waveforms, down to 1 μHz frequency resolution. The benefits are apparent in every signal produced, from the sine wave frequency accuracy to the fast rise/fall times of square waves, to the ramp linearity.

 The Agilent 33250A. front interface is simple and easy to use. The Engineer can adjust frequency, amplitude and offset with the button or the keypad. Voltage values can even be entered directly in Vpp, Vrms, dBm, or high/low levels. Timing parameters can be entered in hertz (Hz) or seconds. The Keysight 33250A saves up to four 64K-deep arbitrary waveforms in non-volatile memory with user-defined names to assist locating the waveform when you require it. Other key features of the arbitrary waveform generator/ function generator include 12 bit vertical resolution, 200MSa/s sample rate,  AM, FM and FSK. End users can easily download, edit or create complex waveforms using the Intuilink Arb. Waveform editor software. Further information can be found under the documents tab.

 For those Engineers open to alternatives the Rigol DG5101 (Single Channel) Or Rigol DG5202 offers a significant cost savings and better specifications. The Rigol DG5101/DG5102 series offers 100MHz bandwidth, AM, FM, PM.ASK, FSK, PSK and PMW, 14 Bits resolution and a 1GSa/s sample rate plus many more features. A datasheet can be found under the documents tab. For more information please contact Instruments 4 Engineers to discuss your application.