Agilent-HP 84906L DC-40GHz Programmable Attenuator





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The  Agilent-HP 84906L  programmable  step attenuator  offers coaxial measurements up to 40GHz.  The Programmable attenuator offers reliability of better  than  0.03dB and more than 5 million switching cycles per section.  The Agilent-HP 84906L  is ideal for integrating into instruments or ATE Systems.  The standard Agilent-HP  84906L programmable attenuator comes with 2.4mm Female to Female connectors but various options are available please see different options below.


84906L-006 2.92mm SMA Compatible Connectors
84906L-011 5 Vdc supply voltage (nominal)
84906L-015 15 Vdc supply voltage (nominal)
84906L-100 2.4mm conn (m), 2.4 mm (f) conn
84906L-106 2.92 mm connector male to 2.92 mm connector female


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