Anapico APSIN26G 9kHz/100kHz to 26 GHz Low Phase Noise Signal Generator




The Anapico APSIN26G Portable Low Phase Noise Signal Generator is a fast-switching Microwave Signal Generator covering the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 26 GHz. With option 9k the unit will work from 9kHz instead of 100kHz.  In CW mode it is capable of reaching 30GHz. Advanced technology allows a 0.001 Hz frequency resolution, excellent phase noise and a high power output. The Anapico APSIN26G 26GHz Signal Generator operates with an ultra-stable temperature compensated 100 MHz reference (OCXO) and can be phase-locked to any external reference from 1 to 250 MHz. In addition, the Anapico APSIN26G Signal Generator is capable of AM, FM, Pulse and Phase Modulation. For those customers who require a CW Signal Generator, option NM can be purchased to remove the modulation.

For those engineers who prefer a color touch screen this can be purchased as an additional option.

It is an excellent, reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional Signal Generators where space and cost are of concern. Additionally, the Anapico APSIN26G is also an excellent Signal Generator for field applications, with a weight of only 6lbs and optional internal rechargeable battery module. The unit comes standard with a USB 2.0 Communication Interface and LAN but can be supplied with GPIB as an optional extra. Additional information including the datasheet and manual can be found under the documents tab.

Key Features:

  • Only 400 µs frequency switching time

  • Very low SSB phase noise: -108 dBc/Hz at 10 GHz and 20 kHz offset

  • Comprehensive AM, low-distortion, wideband DCFM, and high speed pulse modulation for testing all types of receivers

  • LAN/USB/GPIB (optional) remote control with SCPI 1999 command set

  • Input for USB power sensor

  • Powerful trigger and sweeping modes


Option PE3 Mechanical step attenuator (12 & 20 GHz version)
Option PE3 Mechanical step attenuator (26 GHz version)
Option HP Higher output power
Option FS Ultra-fast switching speed
Option B3* Internal rechargeable battery module 
Option GPIB* GPIB interface  
Option 1URM 19" 1HU rack-mount module
Option TP  Color touch display
Option LH  Desktop housing with color touch display
Option REAR Move output to rear panel 

1. Q: We don’t need 26GHz. Are there any other models in the same series?

A: Anapico do make units in this series in various frequency ranges. A rackmount version is also available.

Models in the APSIN Series Include:

Anapico APSIN20G 9KHz/ 100kHz-20GHz Low Phase Noise Signal Generator

Anapico APSIN12G 9Khz/100 kHz-12GHz Lowe Phase Noise Signal Generator

Anapico APSIN26G-TP 9kHz/100kHz-26GHz High Output Power Signal Generator

Anapico APSIN20G-URM Rackmount Version Signal Generator available in various frequency ranges.

If you need more help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.


2. Q: We need a custom solution. Can you help?

A: Yes we can offer custom solutions but minimum order quantities maybe required. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.




3. Q: How long does the battery need to charge for?

A: Typically 4 to 6 hours.


4. Q: How long does the battery last for?

A: If used on full RF output the battery will typically last for 3 hours.


5. Q:Do I have to use the unit with a battery?

A: No. The Signal Generator can also be used as a benchtop unit. It’s small size makes it ideal in labs where space is limited.


6. Q:  Do  Anapico make any 3GHz Signal Generators?

 A:   They make signal generators that would cover that frequency range. The APSINXXXHC series offers units to 2GHz,4GHz and 6GHz. Please contact us for more information