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 The Comm Connect 3013 SWR TRUE Handheld Antenna & Cable Analyser is a reliable and easy to use solution for testing VSWR and Return loss in communication bands from 30MHz-2700MHz. The built in PLL synthesized generator offers a superior accuracy with small step size.

Test results can also be downloaded to a PC in XML format to show graph images and test data.  With the Comm Connect  SWR TRUE Antenna Tester  you can easily write plots to a memory stick or connect to a PC using the I/O. The I/O can also be used to operate the unit, receive data and give commands.

The Comm Connect 3013 SWR TRUE  Antenna  tester and Cable Analyser is a reliable, cost effective and easy solution for testing for various applications such as aircraft antenna testing, portable radio testing, antenna and cable testing in Rail applications and more.

Instruments 4 Engineers are proud to be Authorized UK and Ireland distributors for Comm Connect. We fully support the equipment and also offer repair and calibration services for the Comm Connect SWR True Antenna tester and complete Comm Connect range.

Key Features:

  • Set up in seconds and begin testing in minutes.  
  • Designed so that even new staff can quickly learn the unit to begin testing.
  • Real Time Clock
  • 6 Hour Battery Life
  • Screen Easily seen in Direct Sunlight
  • XML data Handling & Application viewer
  • Multilayer Menus, Graphic Display
  • Show scale of your choice or Auto Scale
  • Handle File by Time and Date

Specifications of the Comm Connect SWR TRUE Antenna Tester

Frequency Range: 30Mh-2700Mhz
Frequency Resolution:  20kHz
Fequency Span: 0-2670 MHz
Frequency Accuracy 50ppm
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Connector: N Type Female
VSWR: 1:1 9:1
Display Resolution: 101 Points
Max Input Power: 100mW or +20dBm on test port
Cal Storage: EEPROM
RS232 i/f speed: 38400BpS
Type B USB Serial Device
Memory Stick Adapter A Type

1. Q: Does the Comm Connect Swr True Antenna tester come with software to download the results?

A: You can download the test results. Probably the best way is via the USB stick supplied. The results are downloadable to an Excel Spreadsheet in XML format. Some of our customers have been able to alter the reports slightly to be more suitable for their needs.

2. Q: How long does the Antenna Tester and Cable Analyser need to charge for?

A: We always charge the Comm Connect 3013 SWR TRUE Cable and Antenna Analysers before we ship. This way they can be used out of the box. The amount of time to charge depends on the amount of use but typically it is 14 Hours.

3. Q:  What is the battery life of the Comm Connect SWR True 3013 Cable and Antenna Analyser ?

A: More than 6 hours if fully charged