Compliance West HT1000P 10 KV AC / 14 KV DC Hipot & Dielectric Tester




At Instruments 4 Engineers we are proud to be authorized European distributors for Compliance West.  Compliance West make one of the most dependable hipot testers and dielectric withstand testers on the market.   Unlike many other manufacturers products, the Compliance Hipot Testers offer a continuous duty cycle.

 The Compliance West HT-10000P  10KV AC and 14KV DC Hipot and Dielectric Withstand tester determines the dielectric properties of component assemblies of end-use equipment. It applies a high-voltage potential between Output and Return test leads and monitors Leakage Current while watching for Dielectric Breakdown during the test.

The Hipot and Dieletric tester  can be configured with or without voltage ramp time, with or without a test duration timer, and can be set to deliver high voltage after an arc has been detected to pinpoint an area of arcing. The dielectric withstand test is a test which is recognized by safety agencies worldwide as a valid criteria of safe assembly for end-use equipment.


Voltage Test Type: AC & DC
Maximum Output Voltage: 0 - 10,000VAC & 0 - 14,000VDC
Maximum Leakage Current: AC: 0 - 10000V=10mA
DC: 0 - 14000V=5mA   , 3.5mA for 240V UK setting
Input Voltage: 120 V *optional different line voltages available (100V, 110V, 220V, 230V,
Frequency: 60 Hz / 50 Hz
Fuse: 120/230 VAC 2 A Slow Blow
Breakdown Detect: Independent High Frequency Circuit
Transformer Power: < 500 VAC
Leakage Current Detect: Independent Low Frequency Circuit
Ramp Time Range: 1 - 5 Seconds
Test Time Range: 1 - 60 seconds
Displays: 4 Digits LED Display
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ± 2 %
Leakage Current Accuracy: ± 0.1 mA Full Scale
Duty Cycle: 100 %
Operation Temperature: 15 - 40 °C
Relative Humidity Range: 0 - 90 % Non-Condensing

1.Q: Does the Compliance West HT1000P 10KVac/14KVdc unit have a dual display for showing both the current and the voltage.

A: Yes it does. Many of our customers have found this feature useful.


2.Q: Are there any  AC or DC  only versions in the HT1000 range?

A:  Yes. Compliance make a 10KV Ac unit only and also a 14KV dc unit only. The enclosure is designed slightly different and does not offer a dual display. Please see an example image below.  Contact us for more information

Compliance West HT1000 14KV DC Hipot Tester

3. Q  I don't see the exact unit I'm looking for. Do you carry any other Hipot Testers or do you offer custom solutions?

A:  Yes we carry several different ranges of hipot, dielectric, flash and insulation testers. In addition,, we can offer custom solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.